Skrill is an e-commerce business that allows payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet, with a focus on low-cost international money transfers. Wikipedia Revenue: 331 million USD (2014) Headquarters: London, United Kingdom Founded: June 17, 2001, London, United Kingdom Number of employees: 700 Parent organizations: Paysafe Group PLC, Investcorp, Skrill Holdings Limited.
Advantages of Using Skrill:


Skrill is entirely free to sign up and create your digital wallet to send and receive money right away. The company works in real-time, which means you will not wait long to see your funds in the account you want them. One of the most substantial advantages to utilizing Skrill’s service is that there is no fee associated with withdrawing funds. Additionally, once money has been sent it will be transferred to the wanted destination right away. That being said, in some cases, there may be some delays when withdrawing funds from a local bank, particularly on holidays and weekends. With over forty currencies supported, you take advantage of the flexibility of using CAD, AUD, USD, DKK, NOK, etc.
Disadvantages of Using Skrill:


You may experience a hidden charge from exchanging different currencies. For instance, you may find the exchange rate slightly higher than you would other platforms, which thus would make it somewhat more expensive to use. Additionally, there have been several complaints from consumers that it is an inconvenience that Skrill locks their account in cases where a large sum of money is attempting to be transferred.
Skrill’s VIP Service:


Those customers that transfer more than 2000 EUR each month have the opportunity to become a VIP member. Joining will allow you to receive excellent benefits such as: • 100 percent guaranteed safety for your funds • A personal account manager • Free withdrawals and deposits • The ability to earn points for each transaction made, which can go towards exclusive promotions and offers including cash rewards.
Skrill’s Prepaid MasterCard:


Skrill’s prepaid MasterCard is award winning and gives you discounts, as well as 30 percent cash back bonus at some of the most well-known brands. By obtaining one of these cards, you’ll get no cancellation or monthly fees, and won’t be charged an additional fee for using it overseas. It is also available in four currencies—EUR, USD, PLN, and GBP.
Customer Service:


How customers are treated is important when evaluating a financial service. When it comes to Skrill, they are known to give their customers the help they need 24/7. Additionally, they have trained representatives that speak 12 different languages, and so customers will be helped no matter what country they reside. There are several ways to contact Skrill including fax, email, phone, and mail.