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Best tips when choosing metering systems

Metering systems within a conveyor are designed to portion and regulate the bulkiness of materials while adding flexibility to the production line. They are commonly used in standalone conveyors or as part of the portioning or turn-key metering. Most metering systems are designed to meet customized conveyance needs which enhance proper functioning of the production line and effective bulk regulation systems. Therefore, when choosing a metering system for use with the conveyor belt, it is prudent to consider the following;



The main purpose of conveyor metering systems is to regulate the flow of products on the production line. The metering system function by spacing the product or containers through controlled patterns to ensure that the production line operates effectively. Most conveyor metering systems are designed to operate single or multiple conveyors by pacing products through different conveyor stages. These metering systems can adjust to varying production speeds which ensure high performance and output within a production line as well as flexibility in line management of the products. Therefore, when choosing the right metering system, it is advisable to identify its rate and mode of functionality to enhance high production levels.


The production line is very demanding hence it requires that the chosen metering system to be of the best quality which means it will withstand high pressure. The best metering systems used within a conveyor are made from very strong materials such as stainless steel or anodized aluminum. In addition, these metering systems use individual drive controls such that they can alternate the expected gaps with ease which facilitates ease in attachment modules. Hence, when choosing a metering system, one should evaluate whether the system can deliver quality standard results with minimal supervision.

Customized controls

Customized controls

Metering systems are part of the automated conveyance system hence they are have customized control such that they can optimize the gap during production. Mostly, to meet particular production conveyor specifications, metering systems are installed gap optimizers, brake spacer belts, brake meter belts, Servo belts as well as AC, Servo and stepper motors. The best choice of customized controls directly influences the how the product is merged and sorted while in production and goes a long way to ensure that the maximum speeds are achieved while minimizing the occurrence of faulty products. Therefore, before the installation of a conveyor belt, it is wise to consider the most effective metering system that will enhance the production process by attaining accuracy and high speeds.  For the best metering systems visit…