Various features define the quality of a watch other than just the brand name. Such features also account for the price of the watch, which is why luxurious watches such as mens Hugo watch collection are usually quite expensive. Some of the top qualities of luxurious watches for men are highlighted below.


Craftsmanship should probably be the very first thing to check when looking to determine the quality of a watch. The craftsmanship can tell you a lot about the attention, effort, and time that went into creating the watch. Luxury watches have excellent craftsmanship, to the extent that it can even be considered as artistry. You will be able to feel the quality of the work done on it just by putting it on your wrist. Good craftsmanship also makes the watch sturdy and able to withstand various rigorous activities of a man’s day.

Watch Movement

The internal mechanism of a watch determines the type of movement that it will have. The main types of movements are mechanical and quartz. For quartz movement, electricity from the batteries is used to determine the elapsed time by vibrating a quartz crystal. Mechanical watch movements are enabled by various mechanisms that are driven using a spring. The luxurious men’s watches usually utilize the mechanical movement. This is probably because the mechanical movement requires a higher quality of craftsmanship. These watches are also made to be self-winding.

Glass Quality

The quality of the crystal can also be used to define a luxurious watch for men. The crystal is the glass that covers the face of the watch to protect it. The three types of crystals commonly used include synthetic sapphire, mineral glass, and acrylic glass. The top quality men’s watches usually use sapphire and acrylic glass. The acrylic glass is used in some luxury watches because scratches on it can be polished out. It can also be rounded into a variety of shapes that are pleasing to the eye. Sapphire is the newest and most famous development in horology. The material can only be scratched with a sapphire or diamond tip.mens watch

Additional Features

Most men’s luxury watches usually have a variety of other features. The extra features can be both chronological and non-chronological. Sequential features are simply those that can help in telling time while the non-chronological ones do not have anything to do with time telling. Examples of chronological features include chronograph, day, date, GMT, and moon phase, among many others. Altimeter and compass are examples of the non-chronological ones.