There are a lot of things that we do not know about Cannabis. Despite our lack of knowledge about the said plant, there already have been studies that prove the greatness of this medicinal plant. 

Many states in America have agreed about the legalization of the use of medical marijuana. Twenty-nine states and Washington DC have opened its doors to the use of this wonder plant. More than 80% of the citizens from different parts of America answered that they are open with its medical use, while more than 60% agrees with its recreational use. 

cbdCitizens have been aware of how to use marijuana in different ways. Some have utilized complete weed grow kit to make their own products and study more ideas on how to use it and its by-products. Although many states still have not legalized the use of recreational marijuana, many have allowed the study of this plant.

There are two main chemicals that work in the plant. One is THC  or tetrahydrocannabinol; this compound is mainly liable for the plant’s elating effect. Another is the CBD or cannabinoid, which affects our brain minus the high. There are more than 400 more chemical compounds that can be found within the plant itself, 60 of which are cannabinoids. Some compounds have been studied thoroughly, but most of them, we are clueless. Imagine what other advantages we can get from the other components of this plant, maybe it could be the long lost answer for the cure for untreatable illnesses such as cancer? No one will know until a study is made.

What are the known advantages of Cannabis?

Pain relief

It has been known through multiple studies that medical marijuana is much more effective in relieving pain than that of other analgesics. Chronic illnesses that cause severe pain are relatively reactive to the plant’s analgesic properties. Further studies are yet to be done to entirely weigh the ratio for good and bad effects of this plant in consideration with pain relief, but as studies have previously made, it is supposedly a more preferred drug than pharmaceutically made ones.

Bodyweight and metabolism

Although Bodyweight and metabolismstudies made under this literature have a lot of limitations, results have shown that those who use marijuana for recreational purposes tend to have higher metabolic rates than that of a regular person. The processing of sugar and other nutrients have been proven faster in clients who use the plant for recreational purposes. Also, it has shown that most of the recreational users are physically fit that those who do not use Cannabis in spite of their higher calorie intake.

Seizure prevention and cure

Some patients that have seizure-related illnesses have proven that by using the oil by-product of Cannabis, they can control their seizure occurrences even if it is on-going. Typically a drop or two of the plant’s oil under the tongue of the patient stops the seizures from occurring almost instantaneously. This is also effective in the occurrence of ticks on patients with epilepsy. The lesser presence has been noticed for those who use the plant’s oil.